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Anthea Black

Dirtstar 2011: Take Root – Performance and Closing Party

Dirtstar 2011: Take Root invitation to Performance and Closing Party, June 19 featuring a Glitter Bike Ride by Anthea Black and Mr. & Mrs. Keith Murray as the Glittertwins and many other amazing queer artists at the Tenderloin National Forest, 509 Ellis St, San Francisco, USA

PopSex! Art, Culture, History, Science

Dear friends and colleagues,
If you’re in Calgary [Canada] in January, I would be charmed by your attendance in 2 new shows of my work, that I think will be really quite fun. …

Gestures of Resistance: Anthea Black

Gestures of Resistance artist-in-residence. Anthea Black talks about her project at Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, USA. Black was in residence a part of the duration of the show February 19 – March 10, 2010 where she produced a poster in collaboration with a printmaking class at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.