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Hello and Happy New Year!

So excited to share two new interviews – on feminism, art, porn, collaboration, and representation – with artists A.L. Steiner and A.K. Burns in the current issue of No More Potlucks. It’s available online and print-on-demand.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy, productive 2012,

Anthea Black

The Cover of No More Potlucks, Issue 19NOMOREPOTLUCKS no. 19, Issue jan - fev. 2012.
Online and print-on-demand journal of art, politics and culture. (Cover right)

Allyson Mitchell, Jessica Whitbread & Alex McClelland

Riding the Wet, Wet Wave: An Interview with A.K. Burns and A.L. Steiner on Community Action Center Anthea Black

Trending Homonationalism
Natalie Kouri-Towe

Elisha Lim and Rae Spoon: Talking Shop

The Women Tell Their Stories, and other poems
Ching-In Chen

“Whether thatʼs audio art or sound art, honestly I would say I couldn’t care less”: A conversation with Nancy Tobin
Owen Chapman

Switching Power: An Interview with A.L. Steiner
Anthea Black

Switching Power

Claude Cahun
Eloisa Aquino

Cripping Community: New Meanings of Disability and Community
Eliza Chandler

99 problems

« Issue de secours : à vous les militants »
Adleen Crapo

Production still by A.L. Steiner

Production still by A.L. Steiner

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Dirtstar 2011: Take Root – Performance and Closing Party

Dirtstar 2011: Take Root invitation

Dirtstar 2011: Take Root invitation

“Despite queer histories of seeking less harmful ways of living – lesbian lands, radical faeire lands, urban queer collectives- creative queer visions of sustainability are often missing in the current heteronormative ‘green’ movement.
In a third and final episode, Dirtstar 2011 will Take Root at the Tenderloin National Forest / Luggage Store Annex with a Visual Arts Residency. This show is about honoring the lived experience of queers, honoring our process of having to shift through the detritus of this culture to find ourselves, our herstories, our culture, and each other. It’s about how we sustain ourselves, our culture, our aesthetic, our spirituality, and the world around us. The work showcased will consist of artwork that utilizes found objects, re/appropriated imagery, and recontextualized traditions—in the process revealing the way that this work pushes queer culture and art forward.
With how-tos, tastings, rituals, and closing Performance Night, Dirtstar 2011: Take Root will continue to showcase and share essential sustainable living skills that expand the world queers have been creating for decades.”

Performance and Closing Party, June 19, 2011
featuring a Glitter Bike Ride by Anthea Black and Mr. & Mrs. Keith Murray as the Glittertwins and many other amazing queer artists at the Tenderloin National Forest, 509 Ellis St, San Francisco, USA. Tickets: $5-$20

Dirtstar 2011: Take Root - the Queer Art Show
‘Dirtstar 2011: Take Root’ is curated by Caitlin Sweet. The show runs until June 28 check their website for workshops, gallery hours, and updates

PopSex! Art, Culture, History, Science

Dear friends and colleagues,
If you’re in Calgary [Canada] in January, I would be charmed by your attendance in 2 new shows of my work, that I think will be really quite fun.

PopSex! Art, Culture, History, Science

An exhibition of responses to the history of sexual science
Exhibition: January 6 – 22, 2011, Illingworth Kerr Gallery | ACAD

Exhibition Opening with performance by Mr. and Mrs. Keith Murray and Anthea Black: January 6, 2011 | 6:00 PM, Illingworth Kerr Gallery | ACAD
(The performance will be repeated on January 8, 2011 at 6:00 PM)
Artist Discussion: January 11, 2011 | 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Illingworth Kerr Gallery | ACAD
Academic Conference: January 7 – 9, 2011 | University of Calgary and ACAD
Film Series: January 18-22, 2011 | Science Theatre 141, University of Calgary

More info:

Stride Gallery’s 25th anniversary! ROLE – THE DIRECTORS’ SHOW

Artworks by Stride’s Directors past and present — Robin Arseneault, Lisa Benschop, Anthea Black, Colleen Kerr Gray, Hilary Knutson, Aurora Landin, Shelley Ouellet, Lissa Robinson, Justin Waddell, Donna White, and Robert Windrum—and curatorial projects by Colleen O’Neill (featuring artwork by Joni Brenner) and Diana Sherlock (featuring artwork by John Will) — in celebration of Stride’s 25th Anniversary.

Starting 2011 off right, with radical queer artist run celebratory times
Hope to see you there.

XO and best for the New Year!

About Anthea Black

Queer artist Anthea Black from Canada is renown for her work with printmaking as a political tool and a tool for social change, but at the ‘PopSex! Art, Culture, History, Science’ show her and Keith Murray’s collaborative work consist of a video installation, a sculpture and two performances(!).

Gestures of Resistance: Anthea Black

Video: Queer artist Anthea Black from Canada talks with Katherine Bovee. Videography by Dave Roos.

Gestures of Resistance artist-in-residence. Anthea Black talks about her project at Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, USA. Black was in residence a part of the duration of the show February 19 – March 10, 2010 where she produced a poster in collaboration with a printmaking class at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.
On one side of the poster for the show the text is ‘CALLING ALL NEXXXT GENERATION MIND INFLUENCERS:’ On the other side of the poster reads ‘ARE YOU READY TO SERIOUSLY EFF WITH PUBLIC DECENCY?!?’. The poster is a part of printmaker Anthea’s ongoing queer poster art project ‘Looking for love in all the wrong places’ consisting of posters with queer messages for public spaces. she works with printmaking as a political tool and a tool for social change.

Slideshow: Anthea Black collaborating with students in Christy Wyckoff’s printmaking class. Photos by Chloe Dietz ’13.

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Anthea Black’s poster art project ‘Looking for love in all the wrong places’.