Feminine Moments – Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions
I am looking for contributions to Feminine Moments art blog 2012 – 2013 and newsletter about contemporary art made by lesbians and queer women artists.

Submissions for Feminine Moments' Newsletter
I will soon be launching a newsletter about contemporary queer feminist art. In 2012 I will publish 8 – 10 issues of the newsletter. I am looking for:

  • Short pieces of news about queer women artists, queer art projects and queer art events
  • Promotional videos are also welcome, but please host the videos yourself i.e. create your own video stream and publish the video yourself and send me a link with an invitation to share it

The newsletter will also include details about the best posts of the previous month at the queer art blog.

Submissions for Feminine Moments' Queer Art Blog
Feminine Momoments promote out women artists/ lesbian artists/ queer women artists, their works and arts related projects. I accept submissions of the following categories:

  • Artist statements, manifests and articles
  • Photos presenting a coherent body of work by lesbian/ queer women artist
  • Press releases about exbibitions, art events,  seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Inviations for openings of queer art shows and solo exhibitions
  • Promotional videos
  • Blog posts (for cross posting/ re-posting) by lgbtq bloggers, curators and artists
  • Blog posts about late lesbian artists for Feminine Moments series of articles titled ‘Lesbian Art Herstory

Submissions for Feminine Moments Arts Resources
I am also looking for submissions of

  • Links for Feminine Moments’ Index of Lesbian Fine Art Links
  • Art book titles for Feminine Moments’ bibliography of Lesbian Art Books
  • Art books for review

There is no deadline just send your submissions all through out 2012 to this email: havmoeller@gmail.com

Let's Meet If You Come To Denmark
I’ll be happy to meet all queer women artists who are visiting Denmark. Unfortunately I don’t live in Copenhagen, I live near Aarhus, but I’ll do my best to find time for us to meet and my home is open for you if you are visiting my town. Occationally I go to Hamburg and Berlin. I will post details about my trips at Facebook.

Love and kisses,

Birthe Havmoeller

Studying My Sun Tan

My Sun Tan - Selfportrait in a Rainbow by Birthe Havmoeller, 2011

My Sun Tan – Selfportrait in a Rainbow by Birthe Havmoeller, 2011

I visited the interative sculpture ‘Your Rainbow Panorama’ by Olafur Eliasson on the roof of Aros, Aarhus Museum of Modern Art, my local art museum yesterday. It is an amazing experience to walk in a rainbow of coloured light (!) and I couldn’t help it: I just had to study my sun tan… above you can see how the different light tannes my skin.

Art link / Birthe Havmoeller
Editor of Feminine Moments