Feminine Moments 2003 – 2013

llBirthe & Feminine Moments 2013
Birthe Havmoeller, editor of Feminine Moments and a screendump of Feminine Moments version 2013.

Hurray! Feminine Moments is 10 years!

Birthe Havmoeller: I launched Feminine Moments in 2003, because I couldn’t find a site about contemporary art by lesbian, bisexual and queer women artists. My dream was to create a strong platform for lesbian and queer feminist art – a virtual space for artists, curators, gallerists, publishers and art lovers to mingle. I wanted make the artists visible on the World Wide Web, where their websites were hiden in plain sight among billions of hyperlinks. Back then the World Wide Web and the search engines has just made this resource site with lesbian / queer feminist index of fine art links and a bibliography possible.

I got the domain name “femininemoments.dk” on November 20, 2003. I see this date as the birth of  Feminine Moments. Ofcourse it took me some weeks to make the site (writing html, etc), but it was online by January 2004. Back then the double woman sign logo was made of cherry blosoms.

Birthe Havmoeller & Feminine Moments 2003
Ten years ago – Birthe Havmoeller and a screendump of the first version of Feminine Moments

By 2006 I was experimenting with a RSS news feed and had started blogging by adding an external blogspot blog to the website, which was still a html resource site. The cherry blosoms had to go and I made a new double woman sign logo with roses. The one I am still using today. A rose is a rose is a rose…

In 2008 I upgraded the old html site to a prober art blog, installing the userfriendly WordPress cms on my webserver. This redesign of the site basically gave the site the format, it has today.

I remember researching and struggeling with the task of finding links enough for this website some months prior to launching this website back in 2003. Much has changed since then. Today I am pleased to say that I can spot more artists than I’ll ever be able to contact and invite to join this website. Lesbian and queer feminist artists are more visible than ever, and Feminine Moments has a network of amazing women artists and art lovers at Facebook.