TERESA INANNA by Liliana Kleiner


Art and Video: Liliana Kleiner
Editing: Claudia Medina
Music: “Song of Genesis” by Ruth Weider Mangan and Mark Eliyahu
Lamamc’e: Marc Eliyahu
Voice and Text: Ruth Weider Magan, based on Jewish mystical writings.
The video was published in May 2015.

Liliana Kleiner says, I showed it in Europe this winter, bringing a peace of this paradise to them, and they loved it enjoy it! – The video celebrates the feminine archetype in the world, both in nature and culture, as an earthy feminine spirit vision, inspired by past manifestations of the spiritual feminine in the world: the ancient Sumerian goddess-queen Inanna and Teresa de Avila, the Spanish saint from the 16th century. Inanna’s cult was the last female religion of five thousand years ago, before the rising of the patriarchal world, a feminine religion that believed in the integration of the three worlds: Heaven – Earth – Underworld; and in the creation of wholeness and balance between the opposites (male and female, above and below). Teresa de Avila was an exceptional woman, a mystic, social reformer, writer and feminist pioneer, who united in her life the spiritual and social worlds from a feminist perspective.

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