“The Yo-Yo Gang” Trailer by G.B. Jones (2007)

Trailer (1:55) for “The Yo-Yo Gang” by GB Jones

Starring Caroline Azar, Beverly Breckenridge, Donna Dresch, Mark Freitas, G.B. Jones, Bruce LaBruce, Lynna Landstreet, Leslie Mah, Deke Nihilson, Candy Parker, Suzy Sinatra, Anita Smith, Tracy Thomas, Jena and Klaus von Brucker

Title Song performed by Fifth Column
Music by Fifth Column, Human Ashtrays, and A.S.F.

Filmed on Super 8, Written and Directed by G.B.Jones

Wikipedia on G.B. Jones:

G.B. Jones is a Canadian artist, filmmaker, musician, and publisher of zines based in Toronto, Canada. Her art work has been featured at galleries around the world,[1] and her films screened at numerous film festivals, both in Canada and abroad. Read more about G.B. Jones.

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