Youtube And Nudity

Youtube and nudity doesn’t go well together. I have corresponded with some out and proud artists, who unfortunately can’t share their explicit artworks at Youtube, because it is a family entertainment site. Youtube’s policy seems to be something like this: Private parts are better left private… and if you do post videos, which contain nudity on Youtube, these videos will automatically be put under the 18+ category. – And before the Youtube made this category for “adult movies” the videos were just taken off Youtube.
Videos in the 18+ category can only be watched, if you are logged in on your Youtube/Google account and click Yes to Youtube’s warning. In some countries the 18+ category is not allowed and then you will only find the less explicit videos which has not (yet) been picked up by Youtubes search adult robots or flagged by other users as a ‘bad’ movie.

Fine Performance Art Videos or Adult Movies?

I think that many of the female artists who contributes to Feminine Moments are ready to call out ‘censorship!’, when their work of art is ‘closeted’ by Youtube and moved to the adult movie category. ‘Roof – A Threesome’ by queer French filmmaker Emilie Jouvet is a video about a photo session with full frontal female nudity. It has not been taken off Youtube, but too often I must conclude that Youtube do not share our love of the female body and queer sense of humor. Canadian performance artist and queer woman Jess Dobkin told me last week that when she tried to share her video performance ‘Clown Car’ at Youtube it was taken off the site.

Jess Dobkins’ Vagina

Queer performance artist Jess Dobkin’s video ‘Clown Car‘ – A novel interpretation of the traditional circus clown car, 2008 is a video, which will not leave you unmoved. It is not hot, but her vagina is very queer.

Nuit Blanche 2006: Jess Dobkin’s Vagina Dentata

Bark News reporter Ryan Ringer uses Jess Dobkin’s vagina to sharpen his pencil at 401 Richmond during Toronto’s Nuit Blanche 2006.

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