Artist Statement by Ariane Sirota

Copyright Ariane Sirota

Trapèze by Ariane Sirota, 2014 – Digital photography montage.
Model: Ariane Sirota – Fig tree bark.

Artist Statement

Ariane Sirota: aiming to move various audiences, I express myself through several media. What triggers me, grabbing a pen or a camera, is the will to question relations of domination which are so deeply rooted, we have a hard time acknowledging and/or naming them. By interrogating premises and impacts of social organisations, I wish to offer a spark of freedom… or of indignation.

My own consciousness evolves along with my artistic searches. For example, I quit framing my photographs and paintings. Frames are now raw material. Reusing and upcycling has been part of my practice since the begining. It means a lot, as I’m interested in the daily doings that participate in maintaining the established orders.

Corpays is a mix between the french for “body” and “land”. I created this word to entitle a series of digital montages, each conceived mixing a picture of a part of human body and a view of a bark detail or particular ground. It is about proposing representations in contrast with what mainstream normativity conveys : white, thin, ferm, young, hairless… It is also questioning the way we look at pictures. Are we so infected with anthropomorphism that we recognise familiar human shapes at first sight? Or is it the natural abstract that catch our eyes? Can we welcome the montage?
Entangling human body parts and abstracts of our environment also tends to question how we see ourleves vis-à-vis our ecosystem: as masters, or part of it…

Copyright Ariane Sirota
Fendue by Ariane Sirota, 2014. Digital photography montage. Model: Ariane Sirota – Salagou lake’s area ground.

Copyright Ariane Sirota
Plissé Figuier by Ariane Sirota, 2016. Digital photography montage. Model: NT – Fig tree bark.

Copyrigth Ariane Sirota
Torse Haut by Ariane Sirota, 2016. Digital photography montage. Model: Ariane Sirota – Plane tree bark.

About Ariane Sirota

Born and raised in the 80’s near Paris, I had access to creative activities in an early age. I kept learning and practicing on various materials before getting my own workshop in 2010. In 2015, I led the participative project Of bodies in this place in Helsinki. I hope to do it again in another city. In 2016-17, I have mainly worked on the my first novel, published in June 2017: Foyer (Éditions Pousse-pied).

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