Artwork by Rachel Ara at Vertiginous Data in Seoul, Korea

Copyright Rachel Ara
“This Much I’m Worth (The self-evaluating artwork)” [Korean Version] by Rachel Ara.

British artist Rachel Ara is showing a newly commissioned edition of “This Much I’m Worth (The self-evaluating artwork)” [Korean Version] at Vertiginous Data, March 23 – July 28, 2019 at MMCA, Seoul, Korea.

Rachel Ara’s installation “This Much I’m Worth (The self-evaluating artwork)” [Korean Version] which continually calculates its own sales price using real time data and displays it in Won, uses complex algorithms, called “the endorsers” that data mine the web, seeking information on the artist to establish her province that contributes towards the valuation of the work, as well as factoring in values in terms of ethnicity, sexuality and gender into the equation. This is a strong socio-political feminist work incorporating humour but posing serious questions of how artworks, artists and women are valued.

Vertiginous Data is an integrated, multidisciplinary exhibition reflecting our new media environment and offering artistic insights into the social phenomena bought about by digital and data systems. Bringing together experimental works by rapidly emerging Korean and international contemporary artists, the exhibition examines human-made systems such as big data, blockchains and artificial intelligence, and the unforeseeable cracks that appear between them. Vertiginous Data is arranged according to three main themes: How contemporary artists use data, Democracy and anti-feudalism in digital mechanisms, and New ideas using digital mechanisms.

Copyright MMCA Seoul, Korea

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