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Blessing, Jennifer (ed.)

Rrose Is a Rrose Is a Rrose: Gender Performance in Photography
by Jennifer Blessing, Judith Halberstam (Contributor), Lyle Ashton Harris, Nancy Spector, Carole-Anne Tyler, Sarah Wilson (Contributor)
Hardcover: 232 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.25 x 13.25 x 10.75, 144 color photos
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, October 1997
ASIN: 0810969017 “The catalog of an exhibition at New York’s Guggenheim Museum, Rrose is a Rrose is a Rrose is exquisitely, elegantly designed. It includes a wealth of pictures as well as six essays on issues such as surrealist ambiguity, the exhibitionist body art of the 1970s, “queer theory” and “queer reality,” and the fluidity of gender identity.”

NB! The fact that an artist is mentioned in Feminine Moments’ bibliography it is of course no guaranty that she will be lesbian, bisexual or queer tomorrow, nor that the authors of the above books are “out and proud” in their writings…