BUTCH: Not like the other girls

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Press photo by SD Holman

BUTCH: Not like the other girls

Photo-based exhibition by SD Holman showing at The Clutch, April 9 – 25, 2013.

SD Holman’s newest work, BUTCH: Not like the other girls, will be exhibited at the Clutch (1895 Venables, Vancouver BC) from April 8 -25, 2013, with an Art Party! on April 10, 6-8pm, and a public art exhibition displayed in transit shelters throughout Vancouver from March 11 – April 14. BUTCH is a photographic exploration of the liminal space occupied by female masculinity in contemporary communities.

Holman delineates Butch as “an inclusive site of resistance to limitations on the way women, gender and sexuality are still defined.” The images honour the beauty, power and diversity of women who transgress the gender binary, with subjects reflecting the many sizes, shapes, ethnicities, and styles of Butch. The transversal dialectic of female masculinity is celebrated here – unapologetic and undiluted.

SD Holman a photo-based artist who has exhibited internationally at galleries including the Advocate Gallery (Los Angeles), the Soady-Campbell Gallery (New York), the San Francisco Public Library, The Helen Pitt International Gallery, Charles H. Scott, Exposure, and Fotobase Galleries (Vancouver). Holman defines as a non-commerial, photo-based artist, a participant observer employing subjective conceptual documentary practice. Holman’s approach to photography is conflicted and perverse, bringing gesture, hazard and a painterly sensibility into the most technical of media. Holman is also Artistic Director of The Queer Arts Festival, a professional three-week, multidisciplinary arts festival in Vancouver BC.

“SD Holman is the best portrait photographer in Vancouver”

– Guy Warrington

For more information on SD Holman and BUTCH: Not like the other girls, visit http://sdholman.com

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