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Cabello, Helena

Helena Cabello, Ana Carceller, Archivo drag modelos
by Helena ; Carceller, Ana ; Castillo, Omar Cabello (Author)
Publisher: Centro Atlàntico de Arte Moderno (June 1, 2011)
Language: Spanish
ISBN-10: 8492579080
ISBN-13: 978-8492579082

Helena Cabello, Ana Carceller (French)
by Unknown (Author)
Publisher: Actes Sud; ACTES SUD edition (2001)
Language: French
ISBN-10: 2742731393
ISBN-13: 978-2742731398

On Painting: [prácticas pictóricas actuales…más allá de la pintura o má acá]
Publisher: CAAM; 1ª ed., 1ª imp. edition (2013)
Language: Spanish
ISBN-10: 8492579390
ISBN-13: 978-8492579396

Zona F 3
by Helena and Ana Carceller et al. Cabello (Author)
Publisher: n/a (2000)
Language: Spanish
ISBN-10: 8448223497
ISBN-13: 978-8448223496

NB! The fact that an artist is mentioned in Feminine Moments’ bibliography it is of course no guaranty that she will be lesbian, bisexual or queer tomorrow, nor that the authors of the above books are “out and proud” in their writings…