Feminists in Space – International feminist qerformance art festival, November 9-13, 2011 at Warehouse 9, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Curatorial Statement

We are pleased to announce Feminists in Space – the first feminist performance festival ever to be held in Copenhagen. Feminists in Space was initially the title for a feminist blog that one of the curators was once part of setting up. We have now drawn this title out of cyberspace in order to use it for the manifestation of feminism as part of our common universe.

Feminists in Space is an international festival that is also locally based. It contains a broad program of artists whose work is informed by feminist and queer theory. One aim for the festival is to mirror the diversity and complexity of performance art, while having a specific focus on artistic practices navigating the field between art and politics. The questions at issue being brought up discuss the identity positions that operate in the intersection between gender, sexuality, age, nationality and class that, on different levels, constitute the loss of or access to privilege and power. At the same time, Feminists in Space is a room for works dealing with feminism from the perspective of the artists’ personal interpretation. It is a space to test new ideas and to experiment. The two scenes will be transformed from day to day, and thus change the character according to the specific works and wishes of the artists.

For five days there will be performances, music, film screenings, theoretical reflection, workshops as well as a political action in public space. Our aim is for the festival is to offer the audience a glance into the universe of performance art in all its complexity, as well as to create a space to meet, get inspired and exchange ideas and experiences.

The festival is financed by the Danish Arts Council but is just as much the result of non profit work by devoted artists and activists.

Kajsa Dahlberg, Molly Haslund and Gritt Uldall-Jessen.