Doing Your Dirty Work – Art about Sex

Doing Your Dirty Work: a sampler of contemporary art about sex. This 2nd annual show at Centre for Sex and Culture in San Francisco runs through Friday, August 30th. Closing Reception Friday August 30, 7 – 10 pm. Curator Dorian Katz.


Andrea Fogt, Anna Maria Pinaka, Anna Zusman, Angus Henderson, Ariel Durrant, Audrey Schmidt, Carol Queen, Celso, Colette Standish, Cricket, Dan Bethune, Danny Beck, David Steinberg, Elizabeth Leger, Gabrielle Wilson-Sealy, George Dinhaupt, Jon Macy, JoJo Mendoco, Jose Kessler, Karen Thomas, Kerry Kelly, Lynn Colingham, Michael Biello, Oli Rodriguez, Phil Sayers, Rocky Angel, Scott Horsely, Shayna Why, Stephanie Ross, Suzanne Schifflett, Wendy Mukluk, Wesley Fanelli and Xxavier Carter.