Exihibit on Photographer and Writer Tee Corinne

Late Tee Corinne was one of the pioneers of lesbian arts’ movement in USA. Her wonderful photos of nudes have been an inspiration to many lesbians. Now the Knight Library of the University of Oregon hosts the exhibition about her called “WomanLove: The Life, Art, and Legacy of Tee Corinne”. Here you can see books, magazines, artwork, photographs, manuscripts, and more that tell the story of Tee Corinne’s life and her influence on other women artists. The exhibition runs through December 31th 2008.
Tee Corinne died in 2006. I came to appreciate her writings as editor of FABB: The Feminist Art Books Bulletin published by www.artwomen.org in which she often wrote small reviewer of new lesbian art books.

A symposium on Tee Corinne & lesbian art

A symposium on Tee Corinne and lesbian art and culture is to be held December 8-9 at the University of Oregon, USA.


“Tee Corinne: Obscurely Famous” an interview with late Tee Corinne, which is illustrated with some of her famous photos.
You can find the titles of Corinne’s book in Feminine Moments’ Bibliography on art books by lesbian, bisexual and queer women.