FAMILY by JJ Levine – Montréal, 2016

Video (3:25): FAMILY by JJ Levine at La Centrale Powerhouse, Montreal, November 11 – December 9, 2016. Video from the opening of the exhibition.

Description of the video, ‘This body of work is about radically reimagining parenthood; it’s about my relationship to the photographic medium and its capacity to commemorate the people that I love as we embark on a new phase of life together. I create a dialog between still and moving images, as well as sound to express my ideas around intimacy and family. I hope to contribute to visual representation of alternative, queer family structures, as I rarely find images that reflect my life choices and those of the people around me.

In keeping with many of my previous works, this one addresses friendship and community, as they continue to play a critical role in my life. I embrace the tension that exists when seemingly banal gestures are enacted by non-traditional bodies’. – JJ Levine

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