Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings at Tate Britain (2023)

Video (2:36): a walk through HANNAH QUINLAN AND ROSIE HASTINGS, 24 September 2022 – 7 May 2023 at Tate Britain. The exhibition features Tulips, a new series of fresco paintings, by Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings.

About the Artists

Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings are an artist duo working in film, drawing, painting, installation and performance. Their work examines the behaviours, history, politics and artefacts of LGBTQ culture in the western context, exploring how this culture is reflective of broader societal structures. Their collaborative work is also linked to their ongoing research and exploration into the relationship between public space, architecture, state infrastructure, gender and sexual identity, asking viewers to question what public space looks like.

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