Here&Queer = improving Queer Visibility in the New Art Gallery Walsall

Video (38:07): Zoom video conversation and presentation of the exhibition ‘Here&Queer‘ at The New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK. Corinne (they, them) is the representative of the the LGBTQ+ Community Panel.

‘Historically public art collections have been presented in a certain way. White-washed by a straight, ableist, middle-class, male gaze. (…) In order to address this issue, and better reflect the people of Walsall today, over the next three years a commitment has been made to ensure more diverse narratives are embedded into the Collections displays.’

‘The New Art Gallery has been working with LGBTQ+Community Panel to improve Queer visibility in its Collections displays. Collections Curator, Julie Brown, and members of the LGBTQ+ Community Panel discuss the first iteration of this Embedding Diversity in our Collections project. Here&Queer is part of a focused, long-term, effort to diversify The New Art Gallery Walsall’s Collections displays. Inspired by the queer co-founder of the Gallery’s prestigious Garman Ryan Collection, Sally Ryan, we have worked with an LGBTQ+ Community Panel to transform the visibility of queer stories.’

Here&Queer Events Programme:

Saturday 27 August, Here&Queer Events Programme in celebration of Walsall Pride

11am-3pm – Follow the Rainbow Heart Road family workshop, creating a celebratory trail through the Gallery in honour of the Here&Queer exhibition and Walsall Pride with artist Yasmin Agilah-Hood.

11am-2pm – Alex Billingham, artist and LGBTQ+ community panel member, will perform a response to their chosen work Three Women Bathing in Here&Queer, on our Roof Terrace.

2pm – In-conversation event with artist Michael Petry, in our Floor 4 Conference Room, who will reflect on the response to his 2004 Hidden Histories exhibition in Walsall and the Here&Queer project with LGBTQ+ panel members. How far have we come in the last 20 years?

3pm – Art in an Emergency panel discussion around artists’ responses to significant social and political events, chaired by LGBTQ+ panel member Hope Talbot. This event will take place in our Community Gallery, to also mark the closing weekend of the Twenty Twenty Collection exhibition.

See the full event programme

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