‘Memorial To A Marriage’ with Patricia Cronin and Eric Shiner (2022)

Video (40:43): Artist Patricia Cronin sits in conversation with curator Eric Shiner about her seminal work Memorial To A Marriage (2002). They also talk about other bodies of works by feminist cross-disciplinary artist Patricia such as her erotic watercolors (1992–1999); Shrine for Girls, Venice (2015).

About Patricia Cronin

Queer feminist artist Patricia Cronin is known for her paintings and sculptures that address contemporary human rights issues. She is married to artist Deborah Kass and currently based in New York. Patricia created Memorial To A Marriage, her gravestone-sculpture, because she needed the work to be there, visible to the whole world. ‍Memorial To A Marriage (2002) is the first and only Marriage Equality monument in the world. Cronin created a three-ton Italian Carrara marble, mortuary sculpture of herself and (now) wife, artist Deborah Kass, recumbent in an entwined embrace on a bed, when same-sex marriage was illegal in the United States. She purchased their burial plot in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, NY a National Historic Landmark, and permanently installed the sculpture on their future final resting place.

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