Nicola Hunter – Love, Pain & Intimacy

Video (4:42): a short video about UK artist and activist Nicola Hunter.

Nicola Hunter

Artist and activist, Nicola Hunter was born in north east England (UK), she has been performing and showing work nationally and internationally for over a decade and has seen international success as founder of intersectional feminist project Raising the Skirt. Hunter continues to develop a queer feminist arts and photographic practice, which is rooted in action based performance and spans live work, documentations of its products & traces and the re-presentation of these in other forms.
Nicola Hunter founded ‘Raising the Skirt’ in 2014 through LADAs DIY programme, it is a multilayered collaborative arts project which calls for the (re)claiming of the c**t. It explores ways in which we can re-establish a connection with the wild and with natural laws to find a deeper connection with our body. Raising the Skirt highlights questions around gender, body politics and continues to develop research on the anthropological body, exploring ways that social, cultural and political dynamics are shaping the perception and understanding of the human body and how these interactions are interpreted through social engagement.

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