Out of the Buble; Artist on Queer Travel

Lenore Chinn - Doors at 798 Art Space (Beiging, China) 2008

Lenore Chinn – “Doors at 798 Art Space (Beiging, China)”, 2008,  (press photo) from “Out of the Bouble; Artists on Queer Travel” at  the Femina Potens Art Gallery in San Francisco.

Femina Potens
a grassroots non-profit queer art gallery in San Francisco, USA, presents “Out of the Bubble; Artists on Queer Travel”.  A photography exhibition exploring what it looks like when people venture from their comfort zones into new territory.  The photos document each artists queer experience when traveling into other locations and cultures on the globe. The images articulate what they identified and contrasted with when leaving their personal bubble. The traveling queer photographers are Dusty Lombardo, Lenore Chinn, Lydia Daniller, Kirstyn Russell, Pamela Peniston, and Yuri Manabe. “Out of the Bubble, Artists on Queer Travel” show runs until September 20, 2008 at 2199 Market St., SF, CA 94114, USA, thursday – sunday noon- 6:00 pm.