OY/YO Sculpture | Brooklyn Museum, New York

Video (0:59): shortfilm ‘OY/YO Sculpture, Brooklyn Museum’ (2021). A walk around the OY/YO Sculpture by American queer feminist painter and sculptor Deborah Kass.

Description on Youtube
“Deborah Kass’s vibrant yellow OY/YO sculpture seeks to evoke joy and unity in its playful monumentalizing of classic New York slang. In 2015, Two Tree Management Art in Dumbo commissioned of a monumentally scaled installation of OY/YO for the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The sculpture, measuring 8×17×5 ft., consists of big yellow aluminum letters, was installed on the waterfront and was visible from the Manhattan. It spells “YO” against the backdrop of Brooklyn. The flip side, for those gazing at Manhattan, reads “OY.”” – Adivium (2021).

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