Excerpt from press release by Malmö Konsthall

Invitation from  Malmö Kunsthall

Charlotte Johannesson
Ester Fleckner
Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt
September 30, 2017 – January 14, 2018
Malmö Konsthall, Malmö, Swedem

In the autumn exhibition, Malmö Konsthall show works by three artists from different generations, who have all employed graphic and technological printing processes within an experimental and expanded field. Using various materials, and analogue as well as digital creative processes, Charlotte Johannesson, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, and Ester Fleckner have found expressions for their own characteristic, and intensely personal, imageries. (…)

Ester Fleckner’s works pose questions about materials, the body, and language, often from the perspective of queer politics. The artist mainly works with wood cuts, a technique that dates back to the late 14th century in a European context. Wood cuts bear the imprint of the actual work of the hand: any error or mistake made during the production process has the potential to recur and multiply within the image. These shifts of meaning interest Fleckner, who uses them intentionally—examples of this can be found in the written comments she has made right on the surface of the images themselves. This gives Fleckner’s work a quality of the unfinished, so that it seems to still be undergoing a process in which a series of attempts or a chaotic variety of knowledge are portrayed. At Malmö Konsthall, this young artist will be showing the largest collection yet of her wood cut series, as well as sculptures and objects made from concrete.
The exhibition pressure | imprint – Charlotte Johannesson, Ester Fleckner and Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt will be supported by an autumn programme of events held on Wednesday evenings at Malmö Konsthall. Follow our website, our newsletters, and our Facebook page for further information and updates.

Opening Friday September 29, 6–9 p.m.