Press release by Leslie-Lohman Museum


February 14, 12-2:30pm
The Hilton, Mercury Ballroom, 3rd floor,1335 6th Ave, New York

What is the allure of fiber and textiles for queer artists? Where does queer theory meet
craft theory? Is queer fiber art a movement or a moment?

The 2014 exhibition Queer Threads at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art brought together lgbtq artists from around the world remixing fiber craft traditions and mediums. One year later, this panel will use the exhibition as a framework for celebrating and critiquing the thread between art, identity, process, and material.

Featuring Liz Collins (Brooklyn, NY), Aaron McIntosh (Baltimore, MD), Sheila Pepe (Brooklyn, NY), LJ Roberts (Joshua Tree, CA), and Nathan Vincent (New York, NY). Moderated by Jeanne Vaccaro, PhD (Post Doctoral Fellow in Gender Studies, Indiana University) with John Chaich (Curator, New York, NY).

Sponsored by the Queer Caucus for Art at the 2015 College Art Association Conference.

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