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Rakusin, Sudie

The Coloring Book for Big Girls
by Sudie Rakusin
Published by Winged Willow Press
Winged Willow Press: “A delightful adult book filled with 25 detailed pen and ink drawings(…) The messages in the drawings and captions suggest a love of nature and animals. All creatures are instilled with a deeply spiritual sense of purpose and value. The women, depicted in every size, shape and color, are beautiful, strong and joyful. The absence of any sort of species hierarchy inspires awareness and understanding. Learn the lessons of surrender and magic from the wind or fire, from a poppy or willow. Learn the teachings of the leopard, wolf, swan and dog. Savor the importance of dance and music to the soul”.

Second Coloring Book For Big Girls: Spirits & Goddesses
by Sudie Rakusin
Publisher: Winged Willow Press
ISBN: 096648052x

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