Sculptor Helena Rubčić

Whirlpool by Helena Rubcic
Whirlpool’ by Helena Rubčić

Whirlpool by Helena Rubcic

Artist Statement

Sculptor Helena Rubčić:
Through a collection of wooden sculptures I am trying to show to the observers my view of the world and the human personality. The sculptures are made of two materials – wood (natural) and metal (unnatural) which negate each other but make a whole.

Each sculpture represents a living being, which contains a tiny part of something unnatural – we can look at it as two sides of the same personality.

The collection consists of three sculptures: ‘Whirlpool’, ‘Object of negation’ and ‘Connection’. All the sculptures are made from a single tree trunk and trough that all three sculptures constitute a single entity.

Usually, I make sculptures in wood, but also in clay or polyester material. Currently, I am based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Connection by Helena Rubcic
Connection’ by Helena Rubčić

Object of negation by Helena Rubcic
Object of negation’ by Helena Rubcic