Seasons’ Greetings from Feminine Moments

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Dear artists, readers and friends,
From my home in gloomy Denmark, I wish you a ‘Glædelig Jul’, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
I send hugs, kisses and my gratitude to all the artists who have contributed to my queer feminist art blog this year, both to the artists with whom I have exchanged emails with and to those who have ‘just’ shared their artist talks, lecture and documentational videos on Youtube, given all of us the the opportunity to listen to them, talking about their creative ideas. I am greatfull that, in spite of this being a strange year, I have been able to share some amazing videos, including all these voices in Feminine Moments’ archive for the interested art lovers or queer art students to browse and enjoy in their own sweet time.
What a year! 2020 has offered plenty of challenges. The solstice on 21st of December, I hope, will be the big turning point with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, setting the “Christmas Star”-energy of what will turn into the brighter and happier days in 2021.
I wish you well and all the best with your creative projects. I will soon be publishing a call for new materials: artworks, videos and press releases about art project created by queer feminist artists, giving you an extra opportunity to write to me about your new art projects.
Happy solstice!
Love and kisses,

Birthe Havmøller
Independent editor of Feminine Moments