Videos (and excerpts of the descriptions of the videos) by CUNTemporary, London.

Introduction by Guilia Casalini and Diana Gorgiou.

The symposium ‘SEXUALITY & GENDER IN TIMES OF CRISIS: Live Art and Feminism in Greece’ took place at Goldsmiths University on April 20, 2016 as a prequel to the live art night Deep Trash: Greek Trash April 23, 2016. The event was documented by CUNTemporary and published as seven short videos. Moderators: Giulia Casalini & Diana Georgiou from CUNTemporary, London.

Presentations and Q&A with:
34es (artistic collective, London-Athens)
Chara Kolaiti aka Anna Goula (artist, Athens)
Fenia Kotsopoulou (artist, Lincoln)
Diana Manesi (PhD Social anthropology, Goldsmiths, London)
Mary Zygouri (artist, Athens)

Giulia Casalini

is ‘an independent curator based in London. She is the co-director of the queer-feminist arts organization CUNTemporary, as well as the founder of Archivio Queer Italia, the first platform for queer arts, theory and activism in Italy. In 2014 she initiated “Teoremi”, an itinerant performance festival in Italy. She has recently been nominated Live Art Associate UK for her on-going commitment to showcasing performance art.’

Diana Georgiou

is ‘the co-director of CUNTemporary, organizing events, screenings and exhibitions at the intersections of feminism and queer both in London and abroad. Her doctoral research in the Visual Cultures department at Goldsmiths University of London focuses on the relationship between auto/biographical art-writing and feminist discourses on subjectivity.’


Part 3 – presentation by Fenia Kotsopoulou.

Fenia Kotsopoulou

is ‘a cross-disciplinary artist based in the UK, whose practice encompasses performance art, dance, video and photography. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Lincoln, and she studied dance at the National Dance Academy in Rome. Pivotal topics of her rhizomatic practice include: the body as a site of transformation and as the repository of emotions; personal and collective memory; performing documentation and alternative uses of archives; formation and deconstruction of female identity. Based on her practice-led research “VULVOgraphy: on performance & photography” (2015), she uses her body and specifically her vulva, as a primal tool of experimentation to confront phallocentrism within the practice of photographing. As a result, she created a hybrid performative body camera, named V(ulv)amera, providing insights into self-empowerment, exposure, and vulnerability. In the field of video art, she also collaborates with the UK digital artist Daz Disley, and their works have been shown at a wide array of festivals and art platforms.’


‘CUNTemporary is a non-profit organisation that works with individuals and groups that explore feminist and queer art practices and theories. CUNTemporary provides a newsletter and daily listings of events related to feminist and queer art practices in the UK. The events team curates talks, screenings, exhibitions, performances, events and club nights with the participation of a multidisciplinary and international group of artists, performers and theorists, mainly in London, but also around the UK and abroad. We welcome networking and collaborative opportunities from curators, academics, artists, activists, institutions and alternative venues. As an organisation we have remained entirely self-funded since our establishment in 2012, and have been organising our activities thanks to a dedicated team of designers, artists, technicians, researchers, editors and curators.’

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