Shares & Stakeholders

Shares & Stakeholders – The Feminist Art Project 100th Annual College Art Association Conference at MOCA Los Angeles, USA February 25,2012 9am-5pm.

This year’s Feminist Art Project day of panels organized by artists Audrey Chan and Elana Mann gauges the present and future of feminist artistic thought and practice. What are the stakes — and who are the stakeholders — of the feminist future? Topics of discussion will include: feminist art educational models, the roles of men in feminist art, interventionist art strategies, radical queer art making, and feminism as a daily humanist practice.

About The Feminist Art Project
The Feminist Art Project brings together feminist artists, curators, authors and art critics, teachers and other art and museum professionals across cultural backgrounds, generations and widespread locations to refocus public attention on the significant achievements of women artists and the Feminist Art Movement.The Feminist Art Project is administered by the Institute for Women and Art (IWA) at Rutgers University, USA.