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Snyder, Joan

Dancing with the Dark: Joan Snyder Prints 1963-2010
by Marilyn Symmes and Faye Hirsch
Publisher: Prestel; First Edition edition (February 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3791351060
ISBN-13: 978-3791351063

by John Elderfield
Philadelphia: Institute of Contemporary Art, 1972

Joan Snyder
by Hayden Herrera, Jenny Sorkin, Norman L. Kleeblatt (Introduction)
Publisher: “Harry N. Abrams, Inc.” (October 1, 2005)
ISBN: 0810959321 engaging paintings of Joan Snyder have never been easily categorized. Though often placed under various art-movement umbrellas-Abstract Expressionism, lyrical abstractionism, or feminism – it is the changing nature of her work that has kept her in the spotlight since she first rose to prominence in the 1970s.”

Joan Snyder
Exhibition catalog, essay by Hayden Herrera,
Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, Century City, CA, 1976

Joan Snyder
Renaissance Society, 1979
ISBN: 9992849533

Joan Snyder
by Joan Snyder
the [San Francisco] Art Institute, 1979
ASIN: B0006Y0794

Joan Snyder
Exhibition catalog. essay by John Baker,
Hirschl & Adler Modern, NYC, 1985

Joan Snyder
Exhibition catalogue, essay Hayden Herrera,
Hirschl & Adler Modern, NYC, 1988

Joan Snyder
Exhibition catalogue, essay by Molly Snyder-Fink,
Hirschl & Adler Modern, NYC, 1990

Joan Snyder
Exhibition catalogue, essay by Dore Ashton,
Nielsen Gallery, Boston, 1991

Joan Snyder
Exhibition catalogue, essay Carol Diehl,
Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, 1995

Joan Snyder: 1969 to Now
Exhibition catalogue, essay by Carl Belz,
Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, MA, 1994

Joan Snyder … and seeking the sublime
Exhibition catalogue , “… and seeking the sublime”, essay by Klaus Ottmann,
Nielsen Gallery, Boston, 2008

Joan Snyder and Pat Steir
By Kenneth Baker
Boston: Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, 1974

Joan Snyder: A Year in the Painting Life
Exhibition catalogue, “A Year in the Painting Life”
Betty Cuningham Gallery, NYC, 2010

Joan Snyder: [exhibition] August 10-September 10, 1976
by Joan Snyder
Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, 1976
ASIN: B00070WG6O

Joan Snyder: Collects Joan Snyder
By Joan Snyder
The Forum, 1989
ISBN: B00071SD0Q

Joan Snyder: February 3-28, 1990
by Joan Snyder
Hirschl & Adler Modern, 1990
ISBN: 094205122X

Joan Snyder: In Times of Great Disorder
Exhibition catalogue for “In Times of Great Disorder”, essay by Molly Snyder-Fink
Nielsen Gallery, Boston, 2000

Joan Snyder: March 17-April 16, 1988
Hirschl & Adler Modern (1988)
ISBN: 0942051068

Joan Snyder : new paintings, May 5 – June 17, 1995
By artist Joan Snyder.
Allentown, Pa. : Allentown Art Museum, 1993
ISBN: 1882011473

Joan Snyder: New paintings, May 5-June 17, 1995
by Joan Snyder
Locks Gallery (1995)
ISBN: 1879173212

Joan Snyder: October 12 – November 9, 1991
by Joan Snyder
Nielsen Gallery, 1991
ASIN: B0006EX41M

Joan Snyder Painter 1969 to Now
by Carl Belz
Waltham, MA: Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, 1994; The Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY.

Joan Snyder, painter: 1969 to now
by Joan Snyder
Rose Art Museum/ Brandeis University, 1994
ASIN: B0006F31FA

Joan Snyder: Paintings and Sketches
Exhibition catalogue for “Paintings and Sketches”
Hirschl & Adler Modern, NYC, 1998

Joan Snyder: Primary Fields
by Joan Snyder
Robert Miller Gallery , 2002
ISBN: 0944680631 “For thirty years Joan Snyder has been recognized for making highly expressive paintings thick with narrative, symbolism, politics, and gender associations, paintings whose surfaces are raw and tactile, exposing their own materiality and process. Primary Fields presents new work that emphasizes the purity of paint and the act of painting.”

Joan Snyder: Seven Years of Work
By Hayden Herrera
Neuberger Museum, State University of New York, 1978

Joan Snyder: Subrosa
Exhibition catalogue, essay by Joan Snyder
Franklin Parrasch Gallery, NYC, 2015

Joan Snyder: Symphony: Early works on Paper New Paintings
Exhibition catalogue, artist diary entries,
Gering & Lopez, NYC, 2013.

Joan Snyder: The nature of things
by Joan Snyder
Nielsen Gallery, 2002
ISBN: 0971354812

Joan Snyder: Women Make Lists
Exhibition catalogue for “Women Make Lists” essay by Regina Coppola,
Betty Cunningham Gallery, NYC, 2004

Joan Snyder: work on paper, 1970s and recent
Essay by Jenni Sorkin
New York: Alexandre Gallery, 2004. 42 pp. Exhibition catalog

Joan Snyder: Works with paper
by Sarah Anne McNear
Allentown Art Museum (1993)
ISBN: 1882011473

New Work on Paper I
by John Elderfield
New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1981

The Nature of Things
Exhibition catalogue, essay by Joan Snyder,
Nielsen Gallery, Boston, 2002