Tessa Boffin: 1989-1993

Two-page spread with images from Tessa Boffin’s The Knight’s Move series, from the book, Stolen Glances Lesbians Take Photographs (Pandora 1991).

Exhibition and online gallery about Tessa Boffin’s Oeuvre

In June 2023, Hales (gallery) in New York presented: Tessa Boffin: 1989-1993 – an exhibition of three key bodies of work never-before-seen in New York. In the largest solo show of Boffin’s work to date, the exhibition spotlights a widely unknown yet influential figure in the history of photography.

Feminine Moments recommends Hales’ presentation of the exhibition Tessa Boffin: 1989-1993. Hales, New York has the best online gallery about UK lesbian photographer Tessa Boffin’s main works!

Tessa Boffin (1960 – 1993)

Boffin (b.1960 – d. 1993 London, UK) was a pioneering artist and a key organising figure in the UK’s photography scene, working between the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. Despite a brief oeuvre, Boffin developed a complex body of photographic work that explored gender, sex positivity and societal and political issues referring to AIDS. In staged scenes, Boffin championed lesbian visibility and the actualization of queer identity through explorations of fantasy. Tessa Boffin and Jean Fraser co-curated the landmark exhibition, Stolen Glances – Lesbian Photographers Take Photographs (Pandora, 1991) and co-edited a book with the same title.