The 10th Anniversary Of The LFT Artshow In Germany

In the end of May, 2010, the 10th Anniversary of the LFT Artshow was celebrated by the LTF Festival in Hamburg, Germany. This exhibition was only open to the participants of the LFT Festival and not open to the general public, thus the show wasn’t as visible as one could have hoped a major lesbian art show in Hamburg.

The artists of the LTF group show are: Anne Kathrin Coordes, Antje Doll,  Astrid Glenk, Barbara Kelton, Beate Mittendorf, Christiane Buck, Claudia Koltzenburg, D’orowarras, Inge Kaliska, Karin Dauenheimer, Kirsten Lilli, Leonie Gaul, Lupita, Marion Endres, Maria A. Alejandra Gonzalez, Martha Ambrocio, Michaela Schwörer, Monja Graeff, Nicole Hertel, Rhoda Fleischamann, Sabine KlemSusanne K. Knöpfle, Saza Schröder, Ulla Lücke and Ute Nolte.