Transnational Queer Underground Exhibition in Berlin

copyright TQU

TQU exbition no5
at ReTramp, Reuterstrasse 62, 12047 Berlin, Germany

March 24, 2018 19h Opening mit Sektempfang + Djs
April 1, 2018 12h Easter Brunch with performance by Melanie Menard + music by Ignaz Höch + DJ set with yours truly very serious and sid precious
April 6, 2018 19h Finissage concert by Nansea and more music by DJaaane
Workshops: March 30, 2018 Screen Printing + March 31, 2018 Troubleshop

The Transnational Queer Underground (TQU)

write in their curatorial statement: Transnational – as in creating a network and establishing links beyond borders. Taking global resposibility… Queer – as in fighting for the right for everyone to live the life they desire without facing discrimination. Underground – as in the place where the best ideas and practices are born. It’s where we empower ourselves. This is where we are secretly working on creating the future that we want to live in.

The Artists

The TQU has not published a list of the artists featured at their exhibition, but you can see the profiles of the queer artists belonging to the TQU network at their website.