Brandon (1998–99) by Shu Lea Cheang. A video navigation of the restored web artwork

Video (24:18): As part of the Guggenheim’s Conserving Computer-Based Art (CCBA) initiative, the Guggenheim’s Conservation Department unveiled a major restoration of Shu Lea Cheang’s seminal web artwork “Brandon” (1998–99) in April 2017. This screen navigation by NYU computer science student and CCBA team member Emma Dickson, who executed the code migration in close collaboration with Guggenheim conservation staff and NYU computer science faculty members, takes the viewer on a comprehensive tour of Brandon’s newly accessible interfaces and episodes. Even after two decades, Brandon’s complex exploration of the tragic death of trans man Brandon Teena re-emerges as a significant contribution to the LGBTQ+ discourse on gender and racial identity.

[The copyright of the video above remains with the original holder and it is used here for the purpose of education, comparison and criticism only.]

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