Hall of Fame: Alice Austen

Video about Alice Austen and her museum

G. Carl Rutberg, excecutive director of Alice Austen House introduces the museum, which was the home of one of America’s most profilic photographers, Alice Austen (1866-1952). She was the first woman to own a car on Staten Island and she new how to repair it(!).  Alice Austen might be the only woman in America to have a museum, a street, a school and a ferry named after her. Her only competition is Elinore Rosewelt.

Alice Austen's Photographs
At Alice Austen House Museum you can sit down and look through 200-300 of her photos in you own time. The museum do about 4 temporary exibits each year showing the best of photography from New York and they run photography courses for students teachings them how to communicate through photography.

Alice Austen House
2 Hylan blvd.
Staten Island
NY 10305, USA

Alice Austen
I can reveal the ‘secret’ …which you probably have guessed by now anyway:  Alice Austen was a woman-identified woman, she included women in her photographs and recorded the private world she shared with her women friends. In 1899 Austen met Gertrude Amelia Tate (ca 1871-1962) of Brooklyn, who was to be her long-time companion. Learn more about Alice Austen at glbtq.com

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