Mox Mäkelä’s Short Film at AVANT

The 12th edition of AVANT goes natural and approaches nature in various ways. Presenting three filmmakers poetic and or political take on Nature, environmental issues and our connection with Nature. Among the featured artists are Mox Mäkelä (Finland) who is primarily known as a conceptual artist, has for several years made ecocritical films and subtle works about human nature.

The Swedish film festival, AVANT takes place September 25 – 26 2015. Go to the to read the full programmer. Here I highlight the screenings of filmmaker and queer feminist Mox Mäkelä’s short films:

September 26, 2015
16.30-18.00 Mox Mäkelä at Karlstad Cinema Arenan, Karlstad, Sweden

food006 (2014) 9:00
Night Shift (2013) 1:41
Mermaid’s Vomit (2010) 5:36
We visitors (2010) 3:37
Status (2013) 6:50

The Edge (2012) 9:30
Night Ship – Trailer (2014) 1:43
Night Ship – The Documentary (2015) 19:30

AVANT is free of charge but booking is mandatory. Get your ticket here by 14 September. There is a limited number of tickets. For information and inquiries:

About Mox Mäkelä

Mox is a multidisciplinary artist and an avant-garde filmmaker, who is based in Finland. Since the late 70s Mox has presented her artworks at exhibitions in Finland and in Europe. She studied art at Turku Art school 1980-1984. Mox works with sound, image and her writings, and makes installations, assemblages and short films. She makes very low budget short films, and offers the results of her work for free on the Internet. Her works include “idiot ibidem“, installation collection, text, film-diary, sound-diary and music adaptation, Suomenlinna, Rantakasarmin galleria, Helsinki, Finland, 2003, Human x – human and x, theme adaptation from an archive collection for the Oulu Art Museum, Finland; the short film projects: meta matka / Children & Shepherd’s bank, published on online in 2010; Story Ambient, a spoken word video project launched on the web in 2011 and the open air installation Night Ship, a sequel to the “Shepherd’s Bank” theme exhibited in the Finnish Maritime Museum in 2009 and at the Maritime Centre Vellamo in 2014 – 15, with a deeply critical, ecological overall theme. It consists of a reflector mosaic built onto the hull of a wooden pleasure craft with three deckhouses. The main material utilised is disused reflective material largely recycled from transport use. The work includes a nonstop soundscape compiled from the artist’s short films on the same theme.


AVANT has been organized since 2002 and the 12th edition is a collaboration between Världsalltet, Kristinehamn Art Museum, Karlstad and Stockholm University. Avant Goes Natural is sponsored by Karlstad University, Karlstad Municipality, Kristinehamn Art Museum and Region Värmland.

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