SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – March 26 2010 – Femina Potens is excited to presents OPEN EYES film screening at Femina Potens Gallery with some of the hottest, most evocotive and forward thinking movies the Bay Area has to offer.  

On March 26 at 8pm Femina Potens invites you to a sneak preview screening of the QueerXShow: Too Much Pussy, Feminist Sluts.

The QueerXShow“TOO MUCH PUSSY ! Feminist Sluts in The QueerXShow’ is sex-positive road-movie by Emilie Jouvet. It is an explicit documentary about the wild adventures of 7 women on a performance art tour, who travelled in a van around Europe during the summer of 2009, treaded the stages of nightclubs and theaters in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm… They are activists, artists, writers, musicians, sex-workers, porn stars. They are from Europe and from America. They are of various sexual (dis)orientations and gender expressions. The film documents the tour, the life-changing experiences that the 7 girls go through, the intersections in their shows and in their lives between pornography and art,  performance and reality, personal and political.

Emilie Jouvet, Wendy Delorme, Judy Minx, Madison Young, Sadie Lune, Mad Kate and DJ Metzgerei bring you this sex-positive feminist manifesto. Go and talk with Madison Young and Sadie Lune about their great European adventure at the Artists Panel as the discuss the film after the screening.

OPEN EYES film screening, March 26, 2010 at 8pm
Femina Potens Art Gallery
2199 Market St @ Sanchez, San Francisco, California

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