Work In Progress: Yin Ressurections

Artist statement and photos by Siv D. Rognstad, Norway

Yin resurrections - conceiled by Siv D. Rognstad, 2011

Yin resurrections – conceiled by Siv D. Rognstad, 2011

Yin resurrection
During the last three months, I have tried to look at the female side of the life force, the Yin.
Yin is characterized as slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, cold, wet, and passive; and is associated with water, earth, the moon, femininity and nighttime. Behavioral traits that are considered feminine include gentleness, empathy, and sensitivity. I am learning that Yin is strong, smart and compassionate.
The need to raise my Yin, resulted in this project where I am looking at different forms of Yin, looking at different ways to raise it. Different ways to think it, feel it and dream about it.
The project is ongoing and has so far resulted in five photos apparently different from each other. To me, these photos are playing separate parts, each one of them adding to the whole. I named the project ‘Yin resurrection’.

Yin resurrections - in there by Siv D. Rognstad  Yin resurrections - chillifinger by Siv D. Rognstad

‘ in there’ and ‘chillifinger’ from the Yin Ressurections series by Siv D. Rognstad, 2011

Yin resurrections - honey by Siv D. Rognstad, 2011

Yin resurrections – honey by Siv D. Rognstad, 2011

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Photographer Siv D. Rognstad, Norway

Tied-up, photo by Siv Rognstad Three years old, I found my secret (and sacred) place behind the piano. I used to sit there with my «thinking-cap», just coming out to put a tremendous pressure on my mother: I wanted to learn how to write! With her hand over mine, I managed to express all my thoughts and ideas. Later, my words became richer. My pen is sharper, – but also a lot more playful.

[photo right: ‘Tied-up’ by Siv Rognstad]

At the age of three, an uncle let me use his camera. The people I portrayed were constantly short of head or feet. The same uncle gave me my very first own camera when I was ten. After getting bored with the Christmas parties and birthday parties, I started playing around with different kinds of light sources and abstract objects. I have developed more creative and technical skills under the supervision of photographer Olav Erik Storm in Storm Photography [Oslo, Norway].

The project, I am working on now, is about text and photography. I want to see how they fit together; contrast each other or complement each other. Sometimes I photograph words, sometimes I write my words into the photograph, and sometimes I put them up next to each other.

Photo from the Fem series by Siv Rognstad

Photo no 3 from 2 x FEM series by Siv Rognstad, 2010. A translation of the Norwegian text on the above photo reads:

peaking through and inside – our initials like crushed drops of water on a glassy surface – apparently

Photo no 1 from the FEM series by Siv Rognstad

Photo no 1 from 2 x FEM series by Siv Rognstad, 2010. A translation of the Norwegian text on the above photo reads:

some openings are highlighted where you least expect to find this sudden taste of sweet scattered crystals over nervous skin

Photo by Siv Rognstad

Photo no 2 from 2 x FEM series by Siv Rognstad, 2010. A translation of the Norwegian text on the above photo reads:

the sharpest comment of them all is the one that hits the solar plexus region – all other regions are ok

About Siv Desiree Rognstad
Photographer and lesbian Siv was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1960. She is based in Oslo and has been showing her works in Norway for the last 10 years. Siv  is a member of  ‘Skeive Kunstnere’, a group of queer artists in Oslo. Her earlier exhibitions and events are:

  • Open art,  Pride park, June 2010 with The Oslo queer artists ‘Skeive Kunstnere’
  • Open art,  Deichmann public library, June, July and August 2010 with The Oslo queer artists ‘Skeive Kunstnere’
  • Queer movements  Albin Art, Oslo, September 2009 together with painter and mural artist Bibbi Elise Bagguley
  • The visual perfomance jagged, Torshov theatre, Oslo, November 2001 (regi Vibéke Heide)
  • Staged reading with the text jagged, The Open Theatre, Oslo, Oktober 2000

Blurry-blues by Siv Rognstad

Photo: ‘Blurry-blues’,  70×50 cm by Siv Rognstad, Norway

Queer Art in Oslo, Norway

The Oslo queer artists ‘Skeive Kunstnere’ are presenting their artworks at six exhibitions this summer alongside the Norwegian GLBT Pride Festival ‘Skeive Dager’ in Oslo, June 2010. Their group exhibitions, which are titled ‘ÅPEN KUNST’ (Out Art) take place at the following venues in Oslo:

the ‘Kulturteltet’
Pride Park at Rådhusplassen, Oslo, Norway
June 23 – 26, 2010

ÅPEN KUNST Exhibitions at The Oslo Libraries:

Bjørnholt Deichmanske Bibliotek: June 2 – 30, 2010
Bjerke Deichmanske Biliotek: June 7 – 30, 2010
Holmlia Deichamanske Bibliotek: June 18 – 30, 2010
Majorstuen Deichmanske Bibliotek: June 17 – 28, 2010
Stovner Deichmanske Bibliotek: July 5 – 30, 2010

The Artists
This year the (mixed queer) visual arts exhibitions features works of art by the following women:
Angelica Balchen, Anne Holter, Anne C. Eriksen, Beate Rønning Arnesen, Cathrine Vestheim, Grete Ramberg, Grethe Johnsen, Hansine Finvik, Ida Egeberg, Inger Ovell, Jennae Dalvik, Kiné Kaborg, Line Forsmo, Marianne Strøm, Martine Votvik, Michelle Jones, Nina Cecile Gauslaa, Ragnar Brynjulfsson, Kristina Olafsen & Eli Beate Wickstrøm, Rikke Thoresen, Siv Desiree Rognstad, Turid K. Steinagard and Vanja Ohna.

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