The Films Of Su Friedrich

This is a short clip from the film THE TIES THAT BIND (55 mins, 1984) by Su Friedrich from volume 1 of DVD collection titled ‘The Films Of Su Friedrich’. THE TIES THAT BIND is a powerful meditation on political responsibility and personal loss as seen through the story of the filmmaker’s mother, who grew up in Nazi Germany.

Since the 1980’s, Friedrich’s skillful mix of experimental narrative and documentary forms, filled with provocative feminist and lesbian themes, has made her a groundbreaking member of the avant-garde film community and a pivotal force in the establishment of Queer Cinema. 13 of her films is now available on DVD. The 6 volume collection of DVDs includes the filmmaker’s classic works such as SINK OR SWIM, HIDE AND SEEK, THE TIES THAT BIND (see trailer below), DAMNED IF YOU DON’T, and THE ODDS OF RECOVERY, as well as EIGHT BONUS FILMS.

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