The Guerrila Girls Have Turned 25

On May 6, 25 years ago, some posters went up on the streets of New York and all hell broke loose. The posters showed how bad things were for women artists in museums and galleries and everyone started talking about the issues. Things are still bad for women in the arts, and the Guerrila Girls are still going strong. They are busier than ever now that the art world, which they have spent their whole life attacking, suddenly embraces them.

Comming Up Soon: New Guerrilla Girls Events
They are giving the commencement keynote at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago May 22, 2010. They’ll be at Seville’s Gender International Symposium June 7-8, 2010. They are participating in Seoul’s BITT Festival May 12-15, 2010, and the 9th Korea Experimental Arts Festival July 24-Aug 1, 2010. This fall you can see them in Sarajevo, LA, San Diego, Minneapolis, Albany, and Marlboro, VT.

To Their Fans They Write:

Thanks so much for the thousands of emails every year. Keep ’em coming! Good luck with your work.
Love, Guerrilla Girls

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