Martina Minette Dreier – Drawings and Watercolours (2021)

Video (1:37): a short silent video about the exhibition Martina Minette Dreier: Aquarelle und Skizzen (2021) at Kunstraum Elsa, Bielefeld, Germany. The exhibition features a series of Minette Dreier’s animal portraits and some of her figure drawings from live models.

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About Martina Minette Dreier

Martina Minette Dreier is a chronicler of the „queer family“. Every portrait tells a life’s story. The portraits are created in an almost classically traditional way: She works exclusively with a model, in several, hour-long sessions in the studio, with oil paints on canvas. Photo templates don’t come into play.
A classic form of portraiture, as practiced by the great social painters of their time: John Singer Sargent, for example, Hans Makart or Franz Xaver Winterhalter (who painted the famous „Sissi“ portrait), but also their predecessors in art history, the court painters, Rubens, Goya and Velazquez.
Therefore, this form of portraiture tells of representation, of prestige, importance and dignity and thus claims a social position that is far too often not granted to the depicted as gender outlaws.’ – Kunstraum Elsa