Vivienne Binns and Australian Feminist Art

Speakers in the COFA video (2013) include: Vivienne Binns, artist, senior lecturer, Canberra School of Art, Bec Dean, Co-Director, Performance Space and Andrew Frost, founder, The Art Life.

Artist Talk By Vivienne Binns

Watch the first 22 minutes of the above video! This COFA talk features Vivienne Binns artist, senior lecturer at Canberra School of Art. Vivienne is the unofficial founder of feminist art in Australia. She introduces the ‘Sexing the Agenda’, a special issue of Artlink (magasine) looking at gender in the 21st Century and she speaks about being a feminist artist in Australia in the seventies. The event took place in 2013.

Vivienne Binns features in Lesbian Art – An Encounter With Power by Elisabeth Ashburn, (Craftsman House, 1996).