Zoe Leonard – Analogue (1998-2007)

Video (3:23): Artist talk with Zoe Leonard about ‘Analogue’ (1998-2007) at Documenta 12 in Kassel, Germany (2007).

Description of the video:
“Zoe Leonard is a photographer, based in New York City. She captures the transformation of social, cultural and economic changes. “I am interested in making a record of an urban landscape as a way of looking at who we are as a people, who we are as a culture, understanding the city as a social space, … as an economic space”
Her work for Documenta 12, ‘Analogue’ (1998-2007), consists of more than 350 C-print photographs of windows of small shops and the products they sell. She began the project in 1998 in her neighborhood in New Your City and continued to take pictures around the world. “As we trade goods with other countries we also trade ideas and ideologies.” Zoe Leonard is interested in looking at “how we affect the landscape around us, what we build, what we leave behind, what we make.”
Zoe Leonard also created ‘Analogue’ (portfolio), consisting of 40 dye-transfer prints and a book/catalogue, featuring images from ‘Analogue’ and a text, ‘A Continuous Signal’, compiled by her, from selected quotations about photography, cities and themes related to ‘Analogue’; published in five traditional library colors.”

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