Art As Activism and Sea(see) by Jeanette Spicer

Video (56:48): This pride panel debate by Los Angeles Center of Photography is showcasing the impactful photographs by the queer artists Jeanette Spicer and Michael Young. Jeanette Spicer starts with a presentation of the erotic lesbian photographs from the project Sea(see). The series is Sea(see) also published as a photo book by Kris Graves Projects in 2018.

Art Book

Sea(see) by Jeanette Spicer
7 x 9″ vertical
perfect-bound softcover
48 pages
First Edition – Limited to 125 copies

About Jeanette Spicer

Jeanette Spicer (b.1988, Baltimore, MD) is a New York based artist who creates performative videos, photographs, and mixed media to generate opportunity for collaboration between herself, partners, friends and family members that allow her to engage and interact with them in alternatively intimate ways. She is curious about how the body can hold intimacy, restraint, and a space of reclaiming – both physically and psychologically, along with the engagement of activities with other bodies that already carry a connection with one another; through the work, these questions and desires become nameable and physical. She is an adjunct professor at The International Center of Photography, School of Visual Arts, and Pratt Institute.’ – Kris Graves Projects

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