BALACLAVA.Q – Artist Call Out!

The BALACLAVA.Q collective are inviting artists to join their online platform for queer artists. It is free, it is queer and their website looks cool!

The editor/project owner Stiofan O’Ceallaigh (AKA: Stephen Kelly) of BALACLAVA.Q writes, ‘This project is gravely important in helping people — specifically queer artists — share and connect their stories and experiences in particular ways. Art does not have the power to change laws or transform governments or religions, but it does aid in helping one see differently — and sharing this new way of seeing.’

Stage 1 of their project is to create an online exhibition featuring art by queer artists. There is no deadline for the open call and this stage of the project. It is a process which seeks ‘to promote dialogue and exchange between queer artists’.