Call for Art: Plants & Animals

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Call for submissions | In/habit roving art series, Chicago

PLANTS & ANIMALS: On Monsters, Cyborgs and Other Hybrid Creatures is an art exhibition project comprising a series of performance, discussion, screening and broadcasting events on hybridity, ecologies and practices of inhabiting, interrogating Nature, and how we survive together.

Hybridity is offered here as artillery against the scourge of (centuries old) Western binaries. It is an invitation to once again think about the categories of machine/nature/human in a post-humanist perspective together with queer, feminist, and anti-racist politics.

“How does feminist, queer, and magical theory disrupt our ideal of the evolving human? How does the Other, a creature of multiplicity, hybridity, and post-humanism, connect back to the land and to other species? As we evolve in conjunction with plants, animals, and the machine, in what ways will we intersect, hybridize, and reconvene?” – Tif Robinette

More keywords: interspecies ethics, food politics, racializing assemblages, gendered monsters, native political thought, companion species, commonalities & differences between species, unclassified species


+art exhibit:
ART + SCIENCE Living Organism Laboratory
MONSTERS: a showcase of installations and visual art on
hybridity (prints/photo/video art)
+performance event
+feature-length film screening
+diy radio program

Deadline: March 12, 2018

Please submit to
with your name + an artist statement + your piece description (both in third person unless you object to this) including city, year of making and length if applicable + photo/still + your website and IG handle if ya got one. For videos: use google drive please. Thanks!

About In/habit roving art series

In/habit* is dedicated to holding space as well as fostering collaborations between queer, feminists, BIPOC and other radical thinkers and artists who are given various levels recognition in the (art) world. In/habit is an open platform meant to think about the ways in which we inhabit the world, space and our bodies, and how we build community in more than human worlds.

Each event tackles a specific theme and occurs at in different venue, ranging from DIY spaces to art galleries & centres, presenting performance art, installations, sound art, video, visual art/video/prints/drawings, films and new media, as well as live music and Djs on occasion. in the last 2 years we have created 12 events, collaborating with about 200 artists and many more participants.

Spring/Summer 2018, Chicago (tba)

*) ‘In/habit’ multimedia roving art series was created by Mitsu Salmon & Rebecca Ladida in 2015-2016.