California: Bodies Curators’ Tour

June 14, 2014
Bodies Curators’ Tour
at SOMArts, San Francisco

Each year as part of its National Queer Arts Festival, the Queer Cultural Center presents an international exhibition of cutting edge queer art. This year’s exhibition is titled Body, body, bodies. Curators and exhibiting artists will give a guided tour of the exhibition.

The artists are: Shana Agid, Indira Allegra, Jose Alvarado, Carlos Brache, Diedrick Brackens, Rose Briccetti, Charli Brissey, Anna Cambell, Amelia Carley, Doyle J. Casey, Gerardo Castro, Susana Cortez, Minkyung Choi, Joe De Hoyos, Laurie Edison, Preston Gannaway, Rami George, Arturo Herrera, Sailor Holladay, John Howard, Xanadra Ibara, Kang Seung Lee, Ace Lehner, Omar Mismar, Joe Netta, Hoang Tan Nguyen, Ho Yan Pun Nicole, Netta Sadovsky, Julie Weitz and Deborah Wheeler.

The exhibition runs through June 28, 2014.

Yr Body Is My Geometry by Julie Weitz

Yr Body Is My Geometry from Julie Weitz on Vimeo.

Yr Body Is My Geometry by Julie Weitz
Single channel HD video, 5:15m, 2012
Music by Scott Moore

A dichotomous relationship is set up between two figures, impenetrably connected through the surface of the mirror. The artist measures, tapes and paints a geometric pattern on the reflected image of a male body as he transposes himself in and out of difficult yoga poses. The artist appears uncertain, struggling to map his body as it is viewed from the perspective of the camera. The yogi, conversely, is quiet and contained, seemingly unaffected by the methodical manipulation of his image. –