Talk: Yreina Cervántez and Jessica Sabogal

Video (1:15:42): Yreina Cervántez and Jessica Sabogal discuss their respective artistic practices as well as their artworks featured in ‘What Would You Say: Activist Graphics’ from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (2022). The talk is moderated by curator Staci Steinberger.

Annie Drew on Painter Agnes Martin

Video (11:09): Annie Drew made this video about Painter Agnes Martin (1912–2004) on the occasion of Agnes Martin’s Birthday, March 2020.

Mimosa House, a Queer and Feminist Gallery in London

Mimosa House is an independent, non-profit gallery space in the heart of Mayfair curated by Daria Khan. Dedicated to artistic experimentation and collaboration, they support dialogue between intergenerational women and queer artists.

When The Blackbird Sings by Jannica Honey

Video (11:52): When The Blackbird Sings by Jannica Honey (2018). Interview with the photographer and her models. When the Blackbird Sings started when Honey felt compelled to reaffirm her own ‘feminine voice’.


Vulvacular – artist celebrate the power and beauty of the vulva
October 31 – November 25, 2017
Ceres Gallery, New York