Community Action Center

Community Action Center (trailer), by A.L. Steiner and A.K. Burns from Steiner on Vimeo.

Community Action Center is a 69-minute sociosexual video by queer artists A.K. Burns and A.L. Steiner. It incorporates “the erotics of a community where the personal is not only political, but sexual. This project was heavily inspired by 1970’s porn-romance-liberation films which served as distinct portraits of the urban inhabitants, landscapes and the body politic of a particular time and place. Community Action Center is a unique contemporary womyn-centric composition that serves as both an ode and a hole-filler.” The film was recently screened at Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival, (2012), “Modern Mondays”, MoMA NY, (2012) and TATE Modern, London, UK, (2011).
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