Copenhagen: Pride Special – Art Lounge and Party

Text from Facebook Event for Warehouse9, published by Candy Darling

Pride Special – Art Lounge
August 17, 2011
Warehouse9, Halmtorvet 11 c, 1711 Copenhagen, Denmark

Performance, Music, Art & Activism by Trans & Queer People?
Support Event for t- cafe & t-lounge events in Warehouse9 autumn 2012.(Day ticket 70 DKK)

ART LOUNGE PROGRAMME 14-17 (Entrance 50 DKK)
curated by Tomas Lagerman Lundme, Gritt Uldall-Jessen & miss fish

A variety of artists including writers, dancers, ceramicists, sculptors, visual artists, performance artists and activists have come together under Warehouse9’s alternative Pride Friday, where the doors are opened wide for an Art Lounge with room for unlimited ideas and thoughts. Performances, exhibitions, debates, videos, lectures, readings and views mingle and form a montage, where the whole is the story of gender and sexuality. Exciting, sexy and enlightful, but not just pleasing and glamerous.

(T)ove Hansen (drag performance, DK)
Sarah Armstrong (dance, DK)
Malene Lang Hansen (Music, DK)
You Little Teapot (ceramic, DK)
Mette Winckelmann (visual arts, DK)
Maria Wæhrens (art video, DK)
Tomas Lagermand Lundme (text action, DK)
MIX Copenhagen (short film, DK)
Stine Ljungdalh (happening, DK)
Elizabeth Japsen (lecture, DK)
Mia Keinicke (dj, DK)

PRE PRIDE PARTY 22-05 (Entrance 50 DKK)
T-lounge Pride Special party with live music and Dj’s in Warehouse9’s intimate lounge / bar.

LIVE miss fish & the drowners (DK) Art Rock/Electro
PERFORMANCE the Gentleman (DK)
DJs CockWhore & Macho (DK) + Mark Moore (UK) + special guest Kenneth Bager (DK) + Alexis (DK)