Creating a Pipeline for a Queer Arts Festival

Video: ‘Creating Queer Community Worksample 1’ by Rudy Lempke, 2012

Description of the video: ‘Jeff Jones, Development Director of Qcc explains the Creating Queer Community Workshop process. Jaime Cortez discusses the importance of the CQC Workshops. Celest Chen and Kali Boyce discuss their participation as CQC grantees. Caitlin Sweet discusses her participation in the CQC workshop.’

Creating a Pipeline for a Queer Arts Festival is important. I am happy to hear that the organizers of the National Queer Arts Festival at the Queer Cultural Center in San Francisco has taken it to their hearts. The artists professionalize themselves at the workshops and develop their queer project, as the learn about art projects management, budgeting and grant writing for their projects.